Who We Are

Be Humble - Be Love - Rise Up

At Rise Up Wear, we’re more than just apparel – we’re a philosophy. An attitude. An outlook. Our clothing is designed to empower those with spirit and inspire those with an open mind. The phrase “rise up” serves as a personal motivation, encouraging each individual to find their strength and follow their dreams. Whether you’re a community volunteer, a single parent, a local firefighter, or a spiritual believer, our goal is to fuel your inner love and your faith in others. Be humble. Be love. Rise up.

About The Founder

Gabriel Stephens grew up with a dream of owning his own business – not for the money, but for the love of creating something he believed in. After building the Rise Up brand, Gabe began building relationships with athletes, musicians, and influencers who share the same uplifting passion. Today, his goal is to create high-quality clothing that’s not only comfortable, but means something more to those who wear it.